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Nft Development
Nft Development


There’s a digital revolution happening in the world right now and BlocTAK wants to be at the forefront of it. We are a Web3 company that was built with one purpose in mind – to shape the future of blockchain. We are here to build Dreams and to raise business which are here to Stay and become the new tech giants.



Discord Servers

We’ll set up Discord servers for your projects and install all the essential bots that are needed to run your servers smoothly.

Website Creation

We’ll design and create a visually appealing bespoke website that will contain sections such as About Us, Roadmap, Team, and Overview. Or anything else you desire

Web 3.0 Mint DApp Page

With us, you’ll get an unparalleled minting experience. We’ll create a page solely for minting so when you’re done minting, you leave feeling satisfied.

NFT Creation and Generation

We’ll design and generate 1000s of nfts for you that will be made of multiple traits and layers. These NFTs can be sold on any marketplace.

Smart Contract Creation

Creating ERC721A, ERC1155, ERC721 and many more types of smart contracts both on solana and ethereum chain that are gas efficient. We can offer multiple types of minting, staking and reserving reserve tokens, reveal/unreveal, whitelist and much more.

Smart Contract Audit

Security audits for the smart contracts as well as consultancy services are also available. We will make sure you have a peace of mind before you launch your contract for minting. Our audit contains the full report containing major, minor and improvement.

Security Audit

We will perform a full security audit of your website, Discord server, and smart contract to make sure that you don’t run into any unexpected errors or bugs. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Whitepaper Development

We’ll write a detailed whitepaper for you that will contain everything there is to know about your project with visual graphics which will attract potential buyers.

DAPP (Staking, Token, LP etc.)

We can also make any kind of Dapp utility you have for your project either it is nft staking website, tokens, Dexs, pools or any other DApp.

P2E Games

Will be making a full fledge game for your project which can help you build a whole new utility for your community in the future.

Content Creation and Social Media Management

Creating engaging content and efficiently managing your Social Media platforms for you

Collab and Community Managers/Mods

We bring you customers with efficient collab managers and manage your community with experienced professionals.


Nft Development

Khawaja .M. Ali


Head of business Development and Operations

Nft Development

Abdullah Abid


Head of Development team

Nft Development

Muhammad Tahseen


Head of Content ANd marketing


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